Actual merchants/troops shown on path

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Actual merchants/troops shown on path

Postby TolEate » Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:25 pm

I think a good idea for KK 2.0 would be to see what's coming in and going out of your town. On the bottom left side of the town display, there is an image of a path. It would be nice if you could show, on the path, what is entering and exiting. To see how many are entering/exiting, it can show the little pictures for each troop or merchant. For example, 2 Magus, 3 Mounted Acolytes, and 5 Acolytes would be shown like this : 2x Magus picture 3x Mounted Acolytes picture 5x Acolytes picture. The pictures are the ones shown when attacking, raiding, reinforcing.
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